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    Since the start of our courses in 2015 we have taught hundreds of students that the process of distilling is not a mysterious process; it's based on science. And as distilling is a science, it has rules. By learning the rules you can control the process and by controlling the process you can make award winning spirits with great taste and excellent quality!

    Our courses are rated by students with a 9,7 out of 10, and are considered the best courses in the industry.

    We offer two courses at this moment:


    Our Certified Craft Distiller Course is an online course with 23 subject divided into 3 to 6 video’s each. This course explains the modern theories of the whole distilling process, including mashing, fermenting, distilling, extraction and aging. The course also describes the difference between traditional and modern still design and teaches the basics of tasting and recipe development.

    At the end of the Certified Craft Distiller Course you can take the online exam to receive your certification. Certified students also gain access to our private University Facebook Group, where you can exchange questions and ideas with over a hundred craft distillers worldwide.

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    Distilling is a Process

    The Certified Craft Distiller course cost € 1.895 separately, or as a special offer included in the purchase price of any iStill (iStill Mini and bigger equipment)

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    "Let's bring the distilling industry into the 21st century"


    Our Certified Master Distiller Course is a 4 day on-site practical course held at our HQ in Woerden, the Netherlands. This course focuses on practical experience. The students develop their own recipes for different spirits (gin, vodka, whisky, liqueur) each day and then distill these spirits themselves using our 10L R&D machine, the iStill Mini.

    Our staff provides assistance during the distilling process and feedback at the end when we taste and compare the spirits distilled during the course. We also provide extensive training in taste profiles.

    Since the Craft Distiller Course provides the theoretical basis for the Master Distiller Course applicants must complete the online course and exam first, before they are admitted to the Master Distiller course.

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    The dates of the upcoming Master Distiller Courses in 2024 are:

    Monday 27 – Thursday 30 May 2024 (6 places open)

    Monday 9 - Thursday 12 September 2024 (8 places open)

    Monday 11 - Thursday 14 November 2024 (10 places open)

    Price: € 2.495

    Included in this price:
    - The 4 day course and certification;

    - Two dinners and four lunches;
    - Half a day field trip to a distillery
    - Taxi service from and to your accommodation

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    "Originally i thought this was going to be a very technical course on distilling. Although there was a technical component, it also included many non-technical aspects of the business of opening and running a distillery. That being said, the course was focused on production, just not exclusively on production. The keen focus on producing taste rich spirits through the utilization of the correct techniques and equipment was a common mantra throughout the course. Having the course taught on the production floor of a working distillery was amazing. Also the fact that you have a dozen classmates from various locations resulted in a collaboration of knowledge. Case studies were shared from almost every participant."
    Andrew Blanchard - Calgary, Canada
    "The iStill University course (and the excellent Consultancy from Odin) helped me to develop a few great recipes that won many medals in major international spirits competitions, right in the first half year..."
    Paul Hoogsteder - Meany Cradft distillery, Netherlands
    "This was a fantastic course, filled with wonderful people and important information. I would say to anyone in the distilling industry: "You have to take this course!", wether you are opening a distillery, currently in business, or have been distilling for years ... there is much to gain through the iStill Certified workshop"
    Tim Espinoza - Napa Valley distillery, USA
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