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The iStill Mini is the perfect recipe development and training still. It can help you make whiskey, rum, brandy, gin, vodka, and liqueurs. Recipes designed and tested on the iStill Mini scale up to our bigger production units perfectly.

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The Perfect Recipe Development Still

The iStill Mini is the most versatile product development still on the market. It can be used for pot distillation, column distillation, and extracting.

The iStill Mini is our 10 liter (net) capacity product development still. We want our customers to be able to design their spirits in an affordable, yet fully scalable way. The iStill 100 was too big for many for recipe development, so that’s where the 10 liter iStill Mini chimes in. And – contrary to product development on air stills, glass ware or small copper alembics – the recipe designed on the Mini can be scaled up to any of the bigger iStills. Heads, Hearts, and Tails, can be translated to our bigger units one-on-one.

The iStill Mini comes with a reflux valve for you to manage purity vs taste. And it is equipped with a power manager for perfect control over vapor speeds and run times. It also comes with iStill's own StillControl. Our own thermometer probe that communicate to our app that you can run from your smartphone or tablet. This gives you as the user, more insight on what is happening in your machine, as well as when to make cuts.

Features & Benefits

Everything you get out of the box.

Purchasing the iStill Mini grants you acces to the complete iStill University course. Learn everything there is to know about distillation & more. And take the tests to earn the 'certified distiller' medal.

iStill University Access

The StillControl app + probe help you gain control over your runs. Dial in your cut-points for heads, heats, and tails. And get notifications based on the progress of your distillation run.

StillControl Probe & App

Get the control you need to create any drink, ranging from vodka, gin, rum, whisky, and many more. The power controller allows you to distill faster or slower, mimicking stripping and finishing runs. The manual reflux management helps you decide between flavor intensity, purity, and alcohol percentage.

Power & reflux management

The extractor column helps you make extracts and essences for amazing gins, akvavits, and liquours. The extractor can also be used for vodka filtration, wood chip extraction, and the production of seltzers.


Extractor Column (optional)

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