Bringing a traditional technology to the 21st century. Balanced Spirits, Produced Efficiently & Beautifully.

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Beautiful & Powerful

Perform multiple distillation cycles in one run, and create medium flavored products. Great for Brandy, Bourbon, Irish Whiskey, and medium RUms.

The story

Listening to the industry taught us that existing distillers, that have been in operation for 10 to 15 years, in general don’t value the newest or latest technology per se. They have product on the shelf. They often already have a distillery. What they are interested in, instead of the newest or the latest, is higher production volumes, more efficient means of operation, savings on staffing or at least the ability to grow without adding more personnel costs. Existing distillers are looking for established technology. Not just any version, but the best performing, the most efficient, and the most productive version of that technology. In order to comply, we have set the standards high. Very high. We didn’t just add our amazing automated control systems to an existing plated column, but redesigned the original 1870’s specs to new, modern, improved plates, that we nicknamed “Performance Plates”.
The result? This all new Plated iStill blows any other plated still out of the water. It can achieve 87% with two instead of three plates in operation, which is the norm (out of an 8% boiler charge). Its production rate trumps existing designs times two. Double the output, at half the energy consumption, and with only a quarter of the manual labor. There you have it: the all new iStill Plated Still made all other plated column stills obsolete over night!

Features &

Performance Plate Technology (PPT)

iStill optimized the perforated plate design for minimized vapor speed disruption. Minimized disruption translates into a more free, less interrupted vapor flow for higher run performance (more liters per hour) and better flavor consistency (better control over smearing, cuts, and taste).

Cold Finger Mini Thumper (CFMT)

The specially designed downcomer boosts inter-plate heat-transfer. Colder liquids above a plate are transferred to the warmer environment below that plate, resulting in a more gradual temperature gradient in the column. The almost complete absence of temperature shock inside the column further boosts performance (in liters of output per hour) and stabilizes flavor composition.

Liquid Management (LM)

“How do you create and manage reflux?” is the central question, when operating a plated still. Traditionally, a plated still is managed via cooling management. Add more coolant to the dephlag and you create more reflux, higher proof, more purity, and less flavor. Add less coolant to the dephlagmator, and the plated column starts to smear more flavors into the New Make, at lower ABV.

Air Pressure Control (APC)

iStill’s APC unit measures current air pressure on a second-to-second basis. If the air pressure changes, the iStill automatically adapts the cut points for heads, hearts, and tails, to secure spirit reproducibility. In plain English? The iStill Plated Still helps make the same product, consistently, over and over again.

Auto Plate Deployment

No need to manually deploy additional plates. No more need to bypass plates either. You dial in what strength and purity you want your spirit to come over, and the iStill Plated Still will deploy the exact needed number of plates and the depth of the redistillation baths automatically.

Automated Cuts Management

Depending on what flavors you are looking for in your drink, you can dial in how you want the iStill Plated Still to execute the heads, hearts, and tails cuts. ACM works together closely with iStill’s build-in air pressure controls.

ABV-Control (ABV-C)

You can dial in the proof or percentage at which you want your spirit to come over. The iStill Plated Still supports any percentage from 40% to 94%. You dial it in, the iStill does the rest, saving you time and money.

Reflux Capacitor (RC)

The RC processes reflux one final time, before it exits the column, and re-enters the boiler. In doing so, it boosts total column performance, just by itself, with a whopping 20%. This results in a more stable run, energy savings, and higher production rates.

Anti Entrainment Zone

The Plated iStill comes with four perforated plates. The two bottom plates and the two top plates are separated via an Anti Entrainment Zone. The AEZ prevents unwanted, late tails traveling up the column and infecting your New Make Spirit.

Auto Sanitation & Cleaning

The iStill Plated Still uses the last bit of alcohol from the run to sanitize the still post operation. It does so automatically. The iStill Plated Still also uses the first bit of alcohol of the next run to automatically clean out column, plates, coolers and cuts selector at the beginning of that next run. The benefit? It saves you an hour of cleaning per day or per run.

Copper Foam Technology

In case imperfect fermentations result in higher than wished for sulfur counts, copper – as a catalyst – can clean up the contamination. But a copper column would add two hours to your daily cleaning protocols and copper facilitates the formation of ethyl carbamate (a carcinogenic). That’s why we developed CFT. All iStills come equipped with a CFT waffle that can be inserted low in the column and that takes care of any sulfur contamination without any of the downsides of a completely copper column.


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