Introducing: The Hyper-Modern iStill Hybrid. The one that does it all. Create any drink with perfect recreatability.

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Perform any type of distillation run. Single distillation runs, multiple distillation runs. This unit can make any spirit due to its innovative packed column design.

Wild Atlantic Distillery with their iStill Hybrid 500

The Story

iStill makes distilling easy. The units come with various automated programs that help you mash, ferment, and distill. We have added a master distiller for free! Also, all iStills can be connected to the internet. That way we can upload new firmware to your distillery multiple times per year

The iStills can make whiskey, rum, brandy, gin, vodka, and liquers. One still does it all. In fact, if you fit the iStill with the agitator and boiler radiator, you can also use it to mash and ferment!

Producing spirts costs money. Distilling drinks asks for an investment in both time and money. It's in telling your story and selling your bottles that the real value of craft distilling can be found. Our technology takes care of spirits production, so that you can focus on telling and selling.

The 21 st Century technology, together with the compact design and insulation, cut running costs – when compared to traditional copper stills – by around 90%, gaining you an amazing competitive advantage over those that wish to continue to use antiquated 19th Century technology.

Features & Benefits

Air Pressure Control (APC)

iStill’s APC unit measures current air pressure on a second-to-second basis. If the air pressure changes, the iStill automatically adapts the cut points for heads, hearts, and tails, to secure spirit reproducibility. In plain English? The iStill Hybrid Still helps make the same product, consistently, over and over again.

Automated Cuts Management

Depending on what flavors you are looking for in your drink, you can dial in how you want the iStill Hybrid Still to execute the heads, hearts, and tails cuts. ACM works together closely with iStill’s build-in air pressure controls.

ABV-Control (ABV-C)

You can dial in the proof or percentage at which you want your spirit to come over. The iStill Hybrid Still supports any percentage from 40% to 94%. You dial it in, the iStill does the rest, saving you time and money.

Reflux Capacitor (RC)

The RC processes reflux one final time, before it exits the column, and re-enters the boiler. In doing so, it boosts total column performance, just by itself, with a whopping 20%. This results in a more stable run, energy savings, and higher production rates.

Auto Sanitation & Cleaning

The iStill Hybrid Still uses the last bit of alcohol from the run to sanitize the still post operation. It does so automatically. The iStill Hybrid Still also uses the first bit of alcohol of the next run to automatically clean out column, plates, coolers and cuts selector at the beginning of that next run. The benefit? It saves you an hour of cleaning per day or per run.

Copper Foam Technology

In case imperfect fermentations result in higher than wished for sulfur counts, copper – as a catalyst – can clean up the contamination. But a copper column would add two hours to your daily cleaning protocols and copper facilitates the formation of ethyl carbamate (a carcinogenic). That’s why we developed CFT. All iStills come equipped with a CFT waffle that can be inserted low in the column and that takes care of any sulfur contamination without any of the downsides of a completely copper column.

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