When do iStill Fermenters rock?

22 October 2020

iStill Fermenters are, in general, more expensive than other fermenters. This makes for an important tradeoff: should you, as a craft distiller, invest the additional money and purchase our fermenters?

Here are three considerations to keep in mind, when investing in fermentation equipment. Or three explanations, as to why our fermenters are more expensive. Here we go:

  1. During fermentation, over 80% of your flavors are created. Flavor creation and composition result from managing your fermentation's temperature, pH, and saccharification. Our fermenters are the only ones out there with temp, pH, and saccharification control.
  2. Since fermentation helps create over 80% of your esters, we feel it is a very important step. Robust control over flavor creation and composition demands robust engineering. Where other fermenters are made from 0.8 to 1.2 mm thick steel, we use 4 to 5 mm sheeting.
  3. Recipe development is fun, but producing the same spirit for the coming 20 years is repetitive work. iStill Fermenters are integrated in iStill's Central Distillery Management, that allows you - via a single work-station - to manage your complete distillery single-handedly.

Thinking about it, makes us wonder ... why are our "competitors" willing to make other choices? Why offer a fermenter with very limited controls, if that directly translates into non-reproducible results? Is it because they do not understand how important flavors are to the craft distiller?

And why ferment in an under-engineered vessel, unless you feel that the process of fermentation itself is not important? Why invest money in non-essential tooling, right? Unless maybe it is essential?

And finally: why automate and integrate fermentation management into the complete distillery ... unless one feels that craft distilling isn't about integrating various processes, but rather about some separate steps, mostly unrelated, and fermentation being the less important one?

If the goal is to make cheap drinks inconsistently, well, then the iStill Fermenters should not be part of your equipment portfolio. Our fermenters only rock for those interested in making better tasting drinks consistently.

iStill Fermenter for Shakespeare Distillery ...



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