Wanna learn how to become an amazing distiller?

09 September 2019
The iStill University offers the best educational program for the craft distiller. Students rate our course 9.7 out of 10. They praise the combination of sophisticated theory with the hands-on practical distilling experience.

Mashing whiskey at the 52Eighty Distillery Class earlier this year ...


During our 4-day workshops, you'll learn about mashing, fermenting, and distilling. We'll train you in making cuts for heads, hearts, and tails. We'll teach you how to create and harvest the right flavors for your drink. You will make brandy, rum, whiskey, vodka and a liqueur yourselves. Here is an impression video of the last course:


Do you want to become an amazing distiller? Please know that we are organizing more courses all over the world:
  • At 52Eighty Distillery, Co, USA: October 21-24;
  • At iStill HQ, the Netherlands: November 18-21;
  • At the Earp Brothers Distillery, Carrington, NSW, Australia: January 20-23.
For more information or registration, please visit:



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