Travel Expense Compensation to Amsterdam!

27 January 2020
Introduction The iStill University is the world's leading educational facility in the distilling industry. Students (around 200 per year) rate the courses with a 9.8 on a 10-point scale. To allow more people to participate and learn about the state of the art of all things craft distilling, we introduce new policy to make the iStill University more accessible. Travel Expense Compensation On the one hand, lots of people love to travel over to Amsterdam to visit us and participate at the iStill University Training at iStill's HQ. On the other hand, it is, especially if you are from America, Asia, or Australia, quite the commitment. Traveling costs time and money. Spending time on education and on learning more on what equipment you might want to work with, is time well spent. But spending money ... well, the less you spend, the more you've got left to invest in your distillery. We support that via the introduction of new policy:
  1. Making more Amsterdam-based iStill University Courses available;
  2. Introducing Travel Expense Compensation for those that travel from far away.
Here is the Travel Expense Compensation for traveling for courses at iStill's Amsterdam HQ. Per continent:
  • Europe: EUR 200,- Travel Expense Compensation;
  • Americas, Asia, and Africa: EUR 400,- Travel Expense Compensation;
  • Australia: EUR 600,- Travel Expense Compensation.
Procedure For course registration, go to, select the course you want to attend, fill out your name, etc., and select the continent you travel from. The software will automatically deduct your Travel Expense Compensation. Please note: Travel Expense Compensation is available from February 1st 2020 onwards. It is only applicable for people registering for our iStill University courses. Mis-use, where the wrong continent is intentionally selected to attain bigger financial rewards, voids the right to Travel Expense Compensation altogether.

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