The Ultimate Product Development Still!

13 March 2020
The iStill Mini is the ultimate product development still, because you can make both pot distilled and column distilled recipes, because it is digitally controlled, because it comes with the amazing new extractor technology, and because the build-quality is, well, iStill build-quality! Manufactured in the Netherlands, no less. The iStill Mini comes with heater, agitator, power manager, digital Bluetooth probe, and an app. It helps make brandy, gin, rum, vodka, whiskey, bitters and liqueurs. We pack the unit in a wheeled trolley bag, so it is convenient for you to transport it or to move it around. We are currently finishing a new batch of 17 iStills Mini. They are sold for EUR 3.500,-. That's the complete kit. With trolley bag. And transport is included! If you want to order, please reach out to If you want to book training on how to use the iStill Mini to develop a new portfolio of top-shelf spirits, contact

Column coolers: check ...


Boilers: check ...


Trolley bags: checked ...


All set to go to customers all over the world ...



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