The Story Of Giants Basalt Rock Gin

01 December 2021

The Gin with the ‘Giants Spirt’ - The Story Of Giants Basalt Rock Gin

Inspired by the dramatic local natural landscape, the Basalt Distillery is the home to Giants Basalt Rock Gin. Located just a stone throw from the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, this brand-new distillery represents a departure from traditional craft distilling, emphasising the latest sustainable processes, cutting-edge distilling technology, and an unrivalled focus on precision.

Having met while studying for a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering in Edinburgh, James Richardson and Martha Garbe are the founders and distillers behind Giants Basalt Rock Gin. Applying the same meticulous scientific approach to distilling, they step away from the hand-made, craft approach. It’s something new, built on precision and accuracy as a way of creating the most incredible flavours and high-quality spirits.

With the spirit of innovation driving everything they do; James and Martha chose to complete a university course set by the still manufacturer iStill to learn about their state-of-the-art distilling equipment made from stainless steel and not the traditional copper. With a focus on precision-distilling, the features of the iStill allow them to exactly replicate the liquid every single time they distil - a level of accuracy unheard of among craft distillers. Temperature, pressure and vapour speeds are just some of the distilling elements they must precisely control when creating a unique, complex, three-dimensional ultra-premium gin.

The founders wanted to develop a unique gin with powerful flavours - a bold, strong gin full of heat and spice to truly represent a 'Giants' spirit. Giants Basalt Rock Gin was created and given a name inspired by the basalt rock that filters the water from their own 600ft well. Key botanicals selected from the coastal regions of Northern Ireland include Kombu Royale, which gives a salty forward flavour followed by hints of mint, and sea buckthorn with a sour forward flavour and a slight fruity sweetness supporting flavour. The third key botanical is from further afield - Tailed peppers, or piper cubeba - which brings peppery spices and a slight bitterness. The addition of buckwheat harmonises the complex flavour profile of Giants Basalt Rock Gin whilst thickening the spirit to give a pleasant mellow mouthfeel. All these botanicals contribute to the complex, bold, three-dimensional flavour profile that our high 50.1% ABV carries and brings on heat and a kick.

With a focus on innovation, more products are already in the pipeline at the distillery that was only established in 2021.


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