Ten Year Warranty with iStill!

25 October 2022

iStill doesn't simply design and build the most advanced stills in the world, we also build the best quality stills in the world. Only a decade on the market, and we claim that position? Yes, we do! We have units that have seen continuous operation, like over 20,000 hours, being mis-used, poorly managed, in tropical conditions, and with over 250 overheating warnings on 'm ... still function perfectly. No maintenance, no need for replacement parts, iStills are designed to run and run and run forever.

The best technology and the best longevity? Yes mam! Yes Sir! Do you want to take us up on that claim? Please be our guest. Even better: please become a customer. All iStills come with a 10 year warranty on their stainless steel boiler and column. And if you don't think that's exceptional, please inquire with our "competitors". You'll see that one (1) year of warranty is the norm. Helps explain how they fancy quality? We think so ... and in a way that's pretty scary.

Scary or a deliberate business model? A business model where other still manufacturers lure you into purchasing their stills, in the understanding that you'll be forced to buy their spare parts for the coming decade or more. Let that sink in, before you decide what kind of treatment you feel you are entitled to. Please contemplate how their definition of longevity is about their income, and how our definition is about the longevity of your distillery. Is the best still in the world a still that helps you make money, or is your still a never-ending source of repetitive income for the manufacturer? We believe in the first option, and have put all our eggs in that basket, but what do you think?



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