Tasmanian Distiller wants to help solve the Australian Strawberry Crisis!

22 September 2018

Australian strawberry producers are facing an existential crisis. Tasmanian distiller Sarah Gunn thinks she found a way to help.

Q1: Sarah, what's the situation on strawberries in Australia? What's going on? Well Odin, the situation here is causing a catastrophe for local Australian farmers. Some idiot placed some needles in some strawberries and now the supermarket shelves are empty – most being dumped!! There has been widespread panic throughout the media resulting in fears for the country’s multi-million dollar strawberry industry - local farmers are really suffering financially. Q2: What's the influence on consumer trust and loyalty? And what's the impact on the strawberry producing industry? All international exports are reportedly being scanned by metal detectors or x-ray machines in a bid to restore consumer confidence - but the damage has already been done and many countries have apparently blocked imports from Australia. The subsequent impact it’s having on farmers is devastating. In Queensland alone, they produce 15,000 tonnes of strawberries in a single season. This is really tough on not only the farmers but entire local communities. Q3: Please tell us about your idea on how to help 'm out? There have been media campaigns to #SmashAstrawb to encourage consumers to start buying strawberries again and as a member of the Australian Women in Distillers Association, I thought how can we help our farmers get through this? As you know, I have a new 2000L iStill arriving soon so I want to order a new Extractor to be shipped shipped over from The Netherlands ASAP! Then we can turn all those beautiful strawberries into Strawberry Liqueur and maybe Strawberry Vodka – how good would that be?? Everyone wants to do something to help and I guess this is my way of helping out… would you like to order a bottle or two? image1.jpeg


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