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30 September 2021


Craft distilling is about the distiller designing his own recipe, producing his spirits in-house, and selling the product successfully. Starting-up a craft distillery usually kicks-off with the distiller developing recipes.

At iStill we support recipe development in multiple ways. We provide courses. We do recipe development. And we have the iStill Mini as the industry's leading recipe development still.

There is a particularly interesting way in which we support craft distillers in their efforts to create the best possible whiskies, rums, brandies, vodka's, gins, and liqueurs. Let's dive in deeper!

A Three Step Model to Recipe Development

  1. Purchase the iStill Mini and iStill University combo and educate yourself;
  2. Start recipe development, using the iStill Mini and what you've learned via the iStill University;
  3. Send your results to iStill for evaluation.

The iStill Mini can be purchased for EUR 5.000,- to EUR 6.500, depending on options. It comes with the online distillation and recipe development course, provided by the iStill University, included. The course teaches you how to develop recipes.

Now, as a second step, use your knowledge to put the iStill Mini to work and start creating your first recipes. As a student of the iStill University, you get access to the iStill University Network. This means you can reach out to hundreds of other distillers and exchange experiences and ideas.

If you feel your recipe is ready, or nearing completion, send it to iStill. Our expert recipe development team will assess your recipe and give you final feedback.

Your Benefits

  1. You get access to the best training on distilling and recipe development: the iStill University;
  2. You acquire the industry's leading training and recipe development still: the iStill Mini;
  3. Both above points combined, allow you to do multiple runs per day and speed up your recipe development;
  4. You get access to the world's biggest craft distillers network for help and support;
  5. iStill's recipe development experts - with over 450 recipes designed - give you final feedback;
  6. Your amazing recipe can now scaled up to your production unit: you are in business!
  7. For a total cost (including iMini and training) of well under 10k ...

Grains, herbs, processes, procedures ...


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