Still Hollow Spirits reviews iStill Training!

21 February 2019
Athey, owner and master distiller at the picturesque Still Hollow Distillery, operating out of Harman, West Virginia, attended the 4-day iStill Course. Here is his review: "I just got back from the iStill training in Wisconsin and it far exceeded my expectations. I expected the class to mostly be about how to use the iStill machine but it was really the best class I have taken on theory of distillation, mashing, aging and fermentation. We ran both the iStill 500 and the new minis and made some whiskey, gin and bitters during the class, so it had a good hands on component as well. We have ordered a iStill 2000 to upgrade our distillery with and will be using it for start to finish process of grain mashing, fermentation and distillation. It seems you really can't beat it for ease of use, versatility and precise control over your process and flavors from start to finish. We ordered with indirect heaters and cooling radiator for temp control during mashing and fermentation. Compared to the price of upgrading all our equipment to 2000 liter, iStill seems like the best solution as well as a big time saver in not having to transfer the mash and clean multiple vessels, pumps and hoses etc. ... I will update with our experiences once we have our 2000 installed and operating."

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