Copperpenny Gin Blows Judges Away!

27 September 2022

The Spirits Business's Judges were blown away by Copperpenny Gin 005. Jan and Jenny congrats! We are so happy and proud that you are iStill customers. Spirits Business's judgement of your 005 gin is amazing. Here it is:

Canadian entry Copperpenny Gin 005 blew the judges away in this year’s blind tasting, securing a top medal in the competition: Master.

Cheong Thong’s tasting notes included: “Good hit of green juniper on the nose with pink peppercorns, and sansho on the finish.”

Athavia also greatly enjoyed the gin. She picked up notes of “lovely cardamom” leading to a “light and fresh palate with a backbone of good juniper”.

Copperpenny Gin 005 is bottled at 43% ABV ...


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