Speedy Delivery USA!

26 January 2020
We are getting huge orders in. As a result, our class-leading still production time of two months has gone up to four months. That is still class-leading, by the way! The day before yesterday we shipped a special order to a distillery in the USA. They needed a still really, really quickly, because the still builder they bought their original still from delivered a unit that caused nothing but problems. So they reached out to us and asked if we could help them out quickly and we could. How quickly? We were able to get the job done in two weeks. Even though our lead times are increasing, via extra shifts and through our Special Operations Department's capacity, at an additional build cost of just 15%, we are able to pull-off some crazy fast shit. Since Special Operations has limited capacity as well as other obligations and responsibilities, we can do these super fast orders like once a month only.

iStill 2000 to the USA? Here you go ...




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