Single Malt Whisky Review!

23 October 2018
Introduction Here is a review by Mark Dermul, whisky connaisseur. Mark is a whisky lover in general, and an Auchentoshan collector in particular (google Toshan Man)! He has has is own Whiskyblog (in Flemish) at, where he posts daily whisky news and tasting notes. Mark also has a You Tube channel under the same name, where Whisky Video Ramblings are posted in English. Mark is also co-owner of MMM Mark & Manny's Malts. Check out, where you'll find their single cask releases. His favourite whiskies are Auchentoshan, BenRiach, Port Ellen, Bowmore, Bruichladdich, Greenore, Caol Ila, and Caperdonich. His latest review? Bart Joosten's Eaglesburn Single Malt Whisky. Yes, made on an iStill. Review Dark & Sweet & Smoky I had mentioned the Dutch Eaglesburn from Bart Joosten before, when he launched his gin and rum, but also his cask aged spirit and the 1 years old Xenna. I then wrote that I was eagerly awaiting the first single malt release and… here it is! Distilled on the 8th October 2015 and bottled on the 10th October 2018, so finally there is a new Dutch whisky. This one is produced from a peated spirit, that matured in a combination of Virgin Oak and 1st Fill Bourbon barrels. As it is a single cask and his first release, Bart decided to release it in small 20cl bottles. Let me start with some good advice. Pour the whisky (don’t be thrifty, even though it is only a small bottle) and leave it to breath for four to five minutes. You’ll thank me later. The nose is a prelude to a flavor bomb and I’m sure the virgin oak has a lot to do with that. Citrus fruit (mostly sugared orange peel, in fact), plums, vanilla ice cream and apfelstrüdel, grainy wood and cinnamon. It has a candy-like quality that I quite fancy. And let’s not forget the peat. This translates to a light, but pleasant smokiness on the nose. The body is creamy and mouth coating, the ABV perfectly quaffable. It is even a touch piquant. Pepper, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg. At first, the spices take the lead, but then the other aromas burst on the palate. Plums, oranges, mandarins in syrup, tinned pineapple. A spicy fruit salad with a bitter edge from the wood and a surprisingly salty edge. All of this is wrapped in a lovely blanket of soft peat. The finish is the trump card of this young malt. Dark and sweet and smoky and it lasts forever. Impressive! Do not expect an Islay whisky (that is not what Bart is trying to do either), but be ready for a flavor bomb. And this after only three years? Very, very tasty! The retail price of 32.50 EUR is anything but cheap (because that would make it 114 EUR for a 70cl bottle), but it is a craft whisky and then some. I for one did not hesitate. Recommended!

"Het Arsenaal", in Doesburg, where Eaglesburn Distillery is situated ...



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