Reminder & Amendment: iStill Covid Discount Policy!

17 November 2021


As the Covid Pandemic keeps bothering large sections of the world and its economies, the craft distilling industry does not stay unaffected. How do you sell spirits to restaurants that aren't open? How do you create revenue when you cannot do distillery tours. Many find it hard to start or invest in these uncertain times.

As the world's leading designer and manufacturer of distillation technology and equipment, we want to support craft distillers in these often challenging times. Based on the great turnover we have seen during the pandemic, with distillers flocking to our advanced and hyper-efficient solutions, we are able to create a Covid Discount Policy.

Covid Discount Policy

The iStill 500, 2000, and 5000 hybrids, fully automated, stainless steel, now come with a discount. As follows:

  • The iStill 500 Hybrid Automated gets a EUR 5.000,- Covid-related discount;
  • The iStill 2000 Hybrid Automated gets a EUR 10.000,- Covid-related discount;
  • The iStill 5000 Hybrid Automated gets a EUR 15.000,- Covid-related discount.

The Rules of the Game

The discounts are only given on the above models. The discount is added (or subtracted, actually) from the Purchase Agreement. The Purchase Agreement, with the Covid Discount, will only be given out once. If there is no urgency at your end to sign the Purchase Agreement, well, then it is probably not urgent that we help out with a discount to start with. In other words: you will be offered this discount only once.

The discount only applies to orders being made in the remainder of 2021. The Purchase Agreement must be signed in 2021 and the first invoice, for the downpayment, must be paid before the end of this year.

Ordering process

Do you want to order an iStill with the Covid Discount? Please reach out to


Due to the success of our Covid Discount Policy, and given how busy we are, for this discount to be applicable, the associated signed purchase agreement needs to be in at iStill HQ no later than December 16th 2021.


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