Pur Malt!

16 June 2022

Yesterday, Vincent Godier was so kind as to send me a bottle of his "Pur Malt". What "Pur Malt" is? "Pur Malt" is a French spirit category applicable to an Eau de Vie made from malted barley, that has no aging requirement. One could call it a young single malt whisky, that does not yet meet the required 3 year barrel aging requirement.

Speaking to Vincent, he explained me the following: "Our Pur Malt Nr. 1 is a blend of 6 to 13 month old, barrel aged new make whisky. The average age being 7 months old. We sell it on https://shop.solignywhisky.fr and is is distributed by Freespirits Distribution in France (mainly upper end liquor shop, bars and hotels). It is almost sold out (only 2400 bottles). Retail price is 55 euros."

Love the design ...

Already a really nice color ...



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