POM-System Added to the iStill Mini!

02 November 2022


We added the POM-system to the iStill Mini. Why? Well, technically the iStill Mini is part of our "Essential"-series and these are all equipped with the POM-system, rather than the robot. The robot is reserved for our "NextGen"-series.


Does it add to the functionality of the iStill Mini, adding the POM-system? That's actually the important question, and the answer is "Yes!". The POM-system replaces the manual valve, that was quite tricky to operate. The POM-system is both easier to operate (much easier!) and produces a more constant ABV.

How it was until now ...

The iStill Mini's reflux ratio (output vs. what's returned back into the column for redistillation) could be manipulated via a manually operated needle-valve. Open the valve completely and no reflux is returned back into the column and all liquids that are produced come out as product. Close the valve completely and nothing comes out, because everything that is produced is returned back into the column. Any setting in between fully open and fully closed would get a specific (yet hard to figure out) ratio between product out and reflux back. Or in other words: by manipulating the needle-valve the output volume (per hour) and the output strength and purity (in ABV) could be changed.

And here's the future ...

The POM-system, that now replaces the manual needle-valve, makes things a lot easier. Just select the right POM for gin, whisky, rum, fruit brandy, and of you go. Start the distillation run without worries Select the right POM, add it to the system, and your spirit will be distilled to the desired strength and purity automatically and in one go.

Sharing test data ...

We are offering a bundle of different POM's per unit. The iStill Mini will come with four. Each POM helps with the production of a specific category of drinks.

POM-1 is designed to do a perfect potstill run. A 30% alcohol base is taken to >70% in one go. POM-1 is the one you want to use when making gin or aquavit, or when simply performing a stripping run or potstill run. The "1" in Pom-1 stands for one single distillation cycle. Yes, it is that easy.

Do you want to make vodka or GNS? Do you want to re-run heads and tails to recover the available ethanol? POM-15 brings a 30% low wines charge to 96%

Full bodied rums and whiskies? POM-2 is the one you select. It offers a double distillation in one run, with improved heads and tails compaction. Yes, this means you can make your rum or whisky in one go. No need for two distillations, as that's what the column, in combination with POM-2 gives you in one go! Directly from the whisky beer or molasses wine to barrel aging strength ...

Medium style rums, Irish whiskey, or Bourbon? Use POM-3 instead. It gives you a triple distillation in one run, with even better heads and tails compaction. Again, no need to do multiple distillation runs, to refine your rum or whiskey. Just one run is needed, as the column, in combination with POM-3, will automatically give three distillation cycles in one go.

Lighter rums or fruit brandies? Use POM-4. On a 6 to 10% fruit or molasses wine. POM-4 gives four distillation cycles in one go. The further improved heads and tails separation help create the lighter flavor intensity that characterizes both light rums and fruit brandies. create a lighter style rum. Right, POM-4 gives your four distillation cycles in one go ...

The POM-system is an amazing new iStill invention and we just added it to the iStill Mini ...



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