Our Solution to Component Shortages!

06 April 2022


As we informed you last week, the global shortages of electronic components is creating longer lead times. But iStill wouldn't be iStill if we hadn't come up with a solution for those on a short timeline.



Instead of ordering - as an example - a fully automated iStill 2000 Hybrid, we'll advise you to order the semi-automated iStill 2000 Hybrid with the full automation suite as an addition. This way, you'll receive your semi-automated iStill 2000 in about four to five months.

As we wait out the electronic component shortages, you can go ahead and start distilling. Once the full automation suite is ready, probably about nine months after you placed the order, we'll ship it to you and you can upgrade.

At your service,

The iStill Team.



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