New software upgrades now available!

05 March 2019
Introduction Existing customers and new customers now get access to new software! The new software will be added to new orders. Existing customers can upgrade over the air. New functionality The newest iStill software adds two functions to your iStill:
  1. Fast aging;
  2. ABV Control.
Fast aging Fast aging is for customers, new and existing, that have iStills with agitator and boiler radiator. The new program allows you to fast age your spirits. No costs are charged. For more reading, please see:

The new fast aging software comes with standard recipes ...


ABV Control New customers and existing customers that use Robot v3.0 can now upgrade to ABV Control for free. ABV Control gives you total control over your output alcohol percentage. Especially in combination with the all new iStill Reflux Capacitor. For more reading on ABV Control, please see: For more info on the Reflux Capacitor, see:

ABV Control for single distillation brandy, rum, and whiskey ...


How to order and install New customers get ABV Control for free. Fast Aging software will automatically be added if you also order the Jet Propulsion Agitator System and the Boiler Radiator. Existing customers that want to upgrade their existing software, via an over the air update, can reach out to


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