New iStill Option Strategy!

25 August 2020
Introduction With our growing line-up and experience with now well over 800 still purchases, we have decided to simplify our option strategy. We are moving away from long option lists via both incorporation and combination. Let's dive in deeper ... Product line-up and option strategy Our product line-up has grown in the sort of stills we now offer and in different sizes that are available. The famous iStill Hybrid column has been joined by the iStill Potstill and the iStill Plated Column. Size-wise, we now have an iStill 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, and 5000. With the iStill 100 having had a complete redesign, while the iStill 200 and 1000 are completely new additions. With a growing line-up and with growing experience in what customers actually order, it was time to redefine our option strategy. The goal? To make things simpler and more straight-forward. Option incorporation As a first step towards changing our option strategy, we have put a lot of thought and analysis into what most customers want. Our thinking went like this: "Options that most of you want anyhow, shouldn't be options but part of iStill's standard equipment list!" Following this line of thought, lead us move options to the standard equipment list. For example:
  • The former optional square manhole on the bigger iStills (500 and upwards) now comes standard;
  • The former optional pre-cooler on the bigger iStills (500 and upwards) now comes standard;
  • The former optional WiFi-module on the NextGen units is now standard equipment;
  • Central Distillery Management, formerly a 20k option, is now standard on ALL NextGen models;
  • The online iStill Distilling University is now a standard "option" on all still purchases.
Option packaging With many options now moved to iStill's standard equipment list, the next thing we did was analyse what options were bought together to see if we could package those. The outcome is that we now have three simple and logical option packages:
  • The "On the grain/pulp distillation" package, that includes the indirect heaters and the Jet Propulsion Agitator System;
  • Mashing & Fermentation package, which adds the boiler radiator and mash and fermentation automation;
  • Extractor, which, well, basically speaks for itself and is especially beneficial to liqueur and bitter and multi-shot gin production.

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