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23 November 2022

Hi Odin,

Hope you're doing well.

Couple of updates!

The first gin distillation went well. It was a long one but I picked up a few things which was great. 1000L at 30% resulted in 860 bottles of 42% gin at 700ml. It slightly louched so added neutral to it of the same strength until I was happy. The flavour was still very heavy which was perfect. Compared to my old still, it saved roughly 3 days… brilliant!

I had to cut the spirit run shorter than the standard Istill gin program as heavy tails were coming through. Got my notes so we'll be fully dailed in for next time.

Throughout the distillation, I couldn't help think that I've made myself redundant! It's completely automated and it reinforced that purchasing the Istill was the correct path for us.

Today, I've done the first rum strip run. 800 litres at 6.5% abv molasses boiler charge. I reached 200 litres of 37% abv.

Anti foam is here in a few days so I'll fill to 1000 litres once it arrives for a proper full boiler charge test.

This Istill preformed very well throughout the run. Towards the end I noticed some cloud in the distillate but that could be from puking. I'll have that sorted on the spirit run so not too bothered at this stage.

Just ran bread yeast as per the Istill university course. I only added DAP so next ferment is DAP plus nutrients. Hopefully I'll gain around 8% then. I was expecting 8 so the 6.5 was annoying.

This Istill really pumps out the alcohol. It just flows and flows, hats off to you and the team.

Will get in touch with finance as might get a couple copper waffles sent over and at the same time a replacement insulation section for the top column. It got damaged in transit and crushed. Willem said if it doesn't pop back out to get in touch with him.

Anyway, after a few more runs will update you on the progress.

Also thinking of the hybrid column and our next still. Thanks for the offer of storing it, very kind of you.

Speak soon


The most amazing potstill ...


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