New Batch of iStills Mini!

02 May 2019
Introduction We have begun fabricating another batch of iStills Mini. As you probably know, the iStill Mini is iStill's product development still. We designed this unit to help our customers create their specific drinks on a small scale. The smaller scale of this product development still translates to faster and lower costs of spirit design. The fact that it is an iStill makes translating your recipe to the bigger, production oriented iStills a no-brainer. It's now just a matter of scaling up. Specifications The iStill Mini is an 8 liter (gross), direct fired still. It is made out of stainless steel, while the boiler is insulated. It comes with power manager (0 - 2 kW). The Purity Selector allows to distill both taste-rich spirits like brandy, gin, rum, and whiskey or very pure vodkas or GNS. It comes with an additional extractor column. In fact, it comes fully specced: power manager, boiler, column, packing, agitator system, heater, blue tooth temperature probes, coolers, and an app. What's new or changed? Nothing major, but let's dive in anyhow:
  • Lower placement of heating element for a minimum charge of 5 instead of 6 liters;
  • Some redesigned power manager internals;
  • Product cooler now comes with tri-clamp connection (just like the rest of the still);
  • New, bigger knobs to screw on the lid;
  • Different boiler drain design;
  • Minor changes to the extractor column to optimize suction and through-put.
Pricing The price of this new batch of iStills Mini stayed the same. EUR 3.000,-. We transport them to most parts of the world via air mail, which adds around EUR 500,- to the invoice. A wheeled trolley bag is included in the transport costs. Production and availability We expect to have the new batch of 50 iStills Mini ready in about five weeks from now, so that's when we'll start deliveries again. Of this new batch, 13 have already been sold. If you want to start product development, and feel the iStill Mini can help you out, please order soon. The last few batches sold out in weeks rather than months and we only expect to manufacture a new batch after the summer. Want one? You order it, we invoice you, you pay for it, and we ship it. You get the iStill Mini a few days later via air mail, assemble it (instruction available), and run it! For placing an order, please reach out to:

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