Muscovado and Molasses Rum (4)!

27 August 2019
Rum production is ramping up! First, we played around with the Muscovado Rum. We have samples at 45, 48, and 51% and are currently also testing various back sugar levels.

Proofing and back sugaring the Muscovado Rum ...

8d08d433-fc63-40c5-8f51-c6aff9dc326e.jpg And since the molasses fermentation is doing well, we decided to scale up from the 200 liter test batch size to a full-scale fermentation and distillation on the iStill 2000.

Here is a picture of the iStill 2000 being filled with water and molasses ...


We are currently thoroughly mixing the water and molasses. To make sure everything is mixed perfectly fine. A total of around 1950 liters, to which we will add around 1500 grams of yeast. We'll start fermenting at 22c and will let the temperature go up to 32c before the cooling kicks in. Molasse is a tropical product, and fermenting at higher temperatures helps create a great flavor profile. When the fermentation is done, we'll use the iStills unique distillation technology to turn the molasse wine into rum in one go. A single distillation will take the hearts cut to any pre-defined ABV. We'll probably shoot for 60 - 65%. The advantage of the iStill fermentation and distillation technology in the rum making process?
  1. Perfect control over fermentation pH, temperature, and SG allows for perfect control over flavor composition;
  2. Perfect control over the distillation process allows for a fuller bodied style rum (at 60-65%) or a purer, lighter version (at 90-95%) in one go. The flavor intensity you want, while saving time and energy, instead of wasting it on an additional stripping run.

Automated mixing and heating-up prior to starting fermentation ...



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