We Just Made the iStill Mini Bigger ... A Lot Bigger!

13 October 2022

An essential question

The iStill Mini is a huge success. With its 10 liter boiler it is the perfect training and recipe development still. And with the additional 50 liter boiler, it can even be used for initial, small-size production runs.

Everybody loves distilling with the iStill Mini! The success and your feedback and requests have raised an essential question: why limit the iStill Mini to 10 and 50 liter boiler sizes? If everybody loves their iStill Mini, there are 400 in operation around the globe, why not follow up on requests for bigger sizes? When the iStill Mini offers all what's essential in a still, to so many distillers, why not offer larger versions?

There you have it: we just made the iStill Mini bigger ... a lot bigger! It did mean that we had to change the name, though ...

What is in a name?

Well, we can't call bigger iStills Mini a "mini", now can we? Doesn't make sense. So we opt for a new name: "Essential". Why "essential"? Because that's exactly what the iStill Mini offers in terms of functionality. It is loved because it offers exactly what you look for in a still. It is versatile, indestructible, and affordable. It is the design that essentially got you going, so let's keep that momentum and push it forward into bigger, more production-oriented still sizes!

Size & Price!

What sizes the new Mini, sorry, the new "Essential"-series comes at? 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, and 5000 liters. Right. You start to get why "essential" is a better name here, don't you? And the 10 and 50 liter versions will remain as well, of course. We'll keep on calling 'm "Mini's".

That's size, but what about price? Here you go:

  • iStill 100 "Essential": EUR 15.000;
  • iStill 250 "Essential": EUR 25.000;
  • iStill 500 "Essential": EUR 35.000;
  • iStill 1000 "Essential": EUR 45.000;
  • iStill 2000 "Essential": EUR 60.000;
  • iStill 5000 "Essential": EUR 90.000.


All new iStills "Essential", including the small "mini" varieties, come equipped with an app where you can set cut points and be reminded of them. In the future, the app will also support saving and retrieving your recipes.

All new iStills "Essential", including the small "minis", come equipped with our newly developed POM-system. The POM-system allows the distiller to do single, double, triple, and vodka distillations.

Choose POM-1, and the iStill "Essential" will perform a single distillation. This is the option you want for gin and liqueur making, and for potstill runs.

Choose POM-2, and you'll get a double distillation in one run. POM-2 is what you insert in the still if you want to make a big and bold flavored whisky or rum.

If you choose POM-3 the iStill "Essential" will perform three distillation cycles in one run. POM-3 is great for lighter style rums and whiskies, and for fruit brandy.

If you select to use POM-14, your iStill "Essential" will give you 14 distillation cycles in one run. Ideal for vodka and GNS production, and for heads and tails recovery.

The POM-system is a new innovation. It is "fire & forget", or "set it up & let it run". No need for interventions or continuous still management. Just select the right POM for your spirit, and you'll get to the intended purity and ABV levels automatically. Distilling made easy? Betcha!


Lead times? Three months. We help with crating, transport, and transport insurance. Want to learn more? Want to order your essential still, your next big, maybe really big iStill Mini? Please reach out to Esther@iStillmail.com for an initial interview.

iStill 500 "Essential" prototype: versatile, indestructible, and affordable (35k) ...

And it comes with a parrot ...



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