Making Muscovado Rum (2)!

21 August 2019
The fermentation finished in five days, which is pretty impressive, because it is basically a sugar ferment. Yesterday, we put 90 to 95 liters in an iStill 100 and performed a stripping run. The yield was 22 liters at 38%. That is 8,36 pure alcohol liters. 8.36 divided by the 90 to 95 liter boiler charge, results in a fermentation strength of 9%. Pretty much spot on. Conclusion? iFeed helps improve fermentation time and yield.

Still close to 100 liter of muscovado wine left ...


As mentioned above, the stripping run resulted in 22 liters at 38%. The low wines are slightly cloudy and have a nice, light rum aroma. What's next? Well, probably tomorrow already, we are going to put the low wines back in the boiler of the iStill 100 (after cleaning it out first). We'll then top-up with the remaining fermentation (some 75 liters) and do a slower finishing run, making cuts for heads, hearts, and tails. On Friday, we'll do some tests with back sugaring to finalize a nice, drinkable recipe. If you follow the iStill Blog, we'll keep you posted!

Stripping the muscovado rum wine into low wines ...



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