iStill to Revolutionize Craft Brewing?

09 April 2019
Introduction Was it only six years ago that iStill made a big splash into the craft distilling industry? Only six years ago that craft distillers finally got access to 21st century tools to make distilling great again? It was. And in those six years we have not just made a big splash, entering the industry, but we have established ourselves as the lead player for distillery equipment, education, product development, and contract distilling. Now the question arises: "Will we do the same to the craft brewing industry?" Craft brewing Why ask that question? Well, because over the last year, more and more craft brewers have reached out to us, asking for our help and/or equipment in furthering the growth of their businesses. As you are well aware of (or should be), craft brewing is well ahead of the craft distilling game. Their growth, shelf space, has preceded craft distilling by 10 to 15 years. Mature brewers have established themselves in any major and minor city in both North America and Europe. More and more, it seems, those successful to craft brewing look for ways to increase their presence, highlight their uniqueness. And what's easier to add to your brewery than a still, right? Just chew out some beer and turn it into vodka, whiskey, and gin. Wrong. The problem - up until now - has not been buying the still, but learning how to operate it. Most stills out there are based on 18th century technology and hard to drive, let alone manipulate into doing the right thing. The craft brewer can't just add a still to his brewery line-up and be done with it, no, he also needs to hire a distiller to go with it, probably a team of two, if he wants to make any significant impact. Guess what? That is about to change! iStill for craft brewers If you are a craft brewer, interested in adding distilling to your portfolio, you'd want to use 21st century technology. Just as you are using in your brewery. Stainless steel equipment, automatic programs with remote management and control, automated cleaning programs, etc. With iStill becoming available to craft brewers, that is just what you will get. Our equipment can mash, ferment, pot distill and column distill. It can help make you whiskey, vodka, and gin at the touch of a button. The automation and robotization is so advanced, you will not need an additional distillers team. Yes, you will need some training. Please know we provide that as well. To support craft brewers into expanding into distilling, we organize a special 4-day workshop. We'll train you in the noble science of distilling. We'll train you in making base beers for vodka and whiskey. How to mash and how to ferment and how to distill. We'll train you in gin making. In fact, the course is so hands-on, that you will make your own whiskey, vodka, and gin yourselves! Interested? Visit our stand at the Craft Brewing Convention 2019 in Denver. Or reach out to Jason is the North American iStill representative.

iStill at the Craft Brewing Convention in Denver ...



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