iStill Titbits: Batch Production Process!

01 September 2020
Introduction Why are iStills designed and build the way they are? What are the features we bring to the market and how do the associated benefits compare to traditional still designs? iStill Titbits is a series that dives in deeper, one short sound-bite at a time! iStill's Batch Production Process iStills are produced in batches. Instead of one at a time. This brings along three major benefits:
  1. Lower production costs per unit and faster innovation pace overall;
  2. Manufacturing standardization leads to quality optimization;
  3. Standardized units lead to knowledge and experience sharing between distilleries and iStills, resulting in a steep learning curve.
Traditional per order still production Legacy still manufacturers build stills per order. One at a time. This has some major drawbacks:
  1. High production costs per unit and slow to non-existing innovation pace;
  2. Manufacturing specialization leads to non-optimal, less efficient still designs;
  3. Operational knowledge and experience sharing between distillers is hindered, resulting in a slow learning curve, on a customer level.
Our philosophy Batch production is at the core of our manufacturing philosophy. It helps us strengthen the position of craft distillers worldwide, relative to Big Alcohol, because it results in more affordable, more innovative, better quality distillation equipment, that promotes a steep learning curve among its users.

Batch vs one piece production visualized ...



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