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04 April 2019
Introduction Over the years, we have helped our customers design a total of close to 250 different drinks. Gins, vodkas, whiskies, brandies, rum, and specialties like for instance Mahula Liquor from India. In this iStill Blog Post, we'll dive deeper into how we help craft distillers, in designing the best possible drinks for/with them. And what the investment is at your end.

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[gallery ids="13333,13332" type="rectangular"] Approach Designing a drink for you usually involves two steps. First we design a recipe. And we then translate that recipe to a process. Let me give an example: Say you want our help at making an Irish whiskey. We'll discuss the grain bill, and its influence on New Make taste. We'll talk about mashing procedures and how fermentation protocols help create certain flavors. The next step would be that we discuss (and help you decide) on what flavors to bring over and emphasize during distillation. Aging (what barrels, what woods?) would be next on our to-do-list. We'd run test batches on the iStill Mini to fine-tune and to bring your whiskey to perfection. Or, on another note, say you want our help in creating a top-shelf gin. We go over flavors and herbs, and draw-up a list of ingredients, that we then run on the iStill Mini until we hit it home. Consider the above paragraphs to be your "recipe". But we go one step further. We help translate the recipe into a run procedure by translating it into an iStill program for the masher, fermenters, and stills. That way, when you go back home, you just order the ingredients, while we upload your latest recipe, and start the machine and kick-of production.

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Pricing Here, at iStill, over the years, we have designed close to 250 drinks. Whiskies, gins, vodkas, rums, brandies, and specialties. Most of them for our customers. And most of our customers have won amazing prices with the spirits we helped conceive. iStill Spirits Design has a very straight forward pricing model. If you want us to create a recipe and production process program, we charge you EUR 5.000,-. If you want to order iStill Spirits Design, if you want to hire our facilities and expertise, if you want to learn more about how and where we can help you out, please contact Sebastiaan Smits, Manager iStill Spirits Design via

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