iStill Potstill "Essential": The Price is Right!

17 October 2022


Having introduced the iStill Hybrid "Essential"-series, it is now time to inform you about the iStill Potstill "Essential". I mean, if we can make an "Essential" version of the hybrid, why not of the potstill, right?

What it is?

The iStill Potstill "Essential" is the still you want for potdistilled products. It gives you one distillation per run. What makes it stand out to other potstills? And how does it compare to the fully automated NextGens? Let's dive in deeper!

Comparing it to traditional potstills

Why bring a potstill to the market, if it isn't any different from what's already out there? Or, in other words: what sets the iStill Potstill "Essential" apart from its competitors? We can cover that in four words: efficiency, longevity, reproducibility and affordability.

The iStill Potstill is of modern design and comes fully insulated. As a result it uses 70% less energy than traditional potstills, saving you money, especially in these times of sky-rocketing energy prices.

The iStill Potstill is made to last. It needs no servicing and thereby limits downtime. It is over designed to be in continuous operation for 20 to 30 years. And we don't just talk the talk, but walk the walk: the iStills come with a 10 year warranty.

In order to support craft distillers at making spirits in a reproducible manner, control over vapor speeds and cut points are essential. The insulation ensures steady vapor speeds. The app allows you to dial in your cut points for heads, hearts, and tails, and then informs you when a cut-point is near.

Affordability? We produce hundreds of stills per year. This grants us amazing economies of scale, that are translated into a lower price point. How low? Check out the next paragraph!

Sizes & Prices

The iStill Potstill "Essential"-series comes in a wide range of sizes. Here are the sizes and prices:

  • iStill 100 Potstill "Essential": EUR 10.000,-;
  • iStill 250 Potstill "Essential": EUR 20.000,-;
  • iStill 500 Potstill "Essential": EUR 30.000,-;
  • iStill 1000 Potstill "Essential": EUR 35.000,-;
  • iStill 2000 Potstill "Essential": EUR 50.000,-;
  • iStill 5000 Potstill "Essential": EUR 80.000,-.

Comparing it to our NextGen-series

Where the "Essential"-series has automation that informs you, the iStills NextGen come fully automated and robotized. The "Essential"-series tells you what to do, the NextGen Potstills will do the actual cutting for you. NextGens, contrary to "Essentials" allow you to mash and ferment and fast age. The "Essential"-series iStill Potstill is, the word says it al, quite essentially what you want in a potstill. The essential potstill, no more, no less.

Lead time

The iStills Potstill "Essential" have a lead time of 3 months. We help with crating and transport. For more information, or if you want to order, please reach out to

The iStill 500 Potstill "Essential" (30k) ...

The "Essential"- prototype from the side ...

Looking up ...

Yes, it comes with a parrot ...


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