iStill London Craft Distilling Expo 2019!

19 September 2019


We are proud to announce that we will again be the London Craft Distilling Expo's main sponsor for 2019! It is a great show, and if you are interested in distilling, it is a must go to. In this iStill Blog post we want to dive in deeper: the program, what we’ll take with us, and the special offer we have for you. Program There are a few distillery visits programmed for September 25th. The actual Expo, in the Boiler House, Brick Lane Road, East London, is on September 26th and 27th. That's Thursday and Friday. All right, how about the program in the Boiler House on September 26 and 27? Well, just check it out on the! Most importantly? Well, if you don't mind us giving a sermon for our own parish ... Odin talking about how gin distillers can now actually also venture into whisky and rum making is the one you want to watch! We'll be there with a stand, staffing and the iStill 500. We'll bring some drinks as well. Imagine gin, whisky and rum ... Interested in meeting us in an informal setting? Please know we organize Beer & Burgers on the evening of the 26th. For invites, please check out our booth. iStill Staff William (Assembly), Veronika (Finance), Avian (The Wrecking Coast Distillery) and Odin will be manning the stand. iStill Offer Here’s why you should visit us at the London Craft Distilling Expo 2019:
  • It’s an awesome event with great speeches and classes
  • Odin will speak about opportunities for rectifiers to venture into whisky and rum
  • iStill’s stand is manned by customers that bring (and pour!) their own drinks
  • Avian will be there, sharing his customer experience as well as great gin
  • On the evening of September 26th, iStill hosts the yearly Beer & Burgers event
  • The iStill 500 NextGen is on display
  • If you visit our stand, take a picture, and post it on Facebook, with a reference to iStill, you will get a EUR 250,- discount on iStill equipment or spirits design
iStill Customers that want to join us at the show can get tickets for free. There is a limited amount of them. First come, first served. Please reach out to if you want tickets …

iStill London Craft Distilling Expo …

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