iStill Industrial: Compelling Business Case!

09 September 2021


Alcohol is used extensively in the manufacturing industry as a cleaning agent. Parts are produced. The manufacturing process uses oils and creates dirt. As a result the parts that are produced need cleaning. Alcohol is used as the cleaning agent. It is used and then discarded.


A typical manufacturing plant can easily use 2000 liters of high-proof alcohol, as a cleaning agent, on a daily basis. Assuming the factory is producing parts 350 days per year, this results in 700.000 liters of high-proof alcohol being used. The direct purchase costs of the alcohol are around EUR 700.000,- or USD 800.000,- annually. If the costs of transport, manpower, storage, processing, and waste management are added, the total costs easily exceed 1 million.

iStill Business Case

An iStill 2000, with ATEx or IECEx certification, additional ports for automatic filling and emptying, and specific software programming to integrate with the factory's process control software, costs EUR 200.000,-. The iStill 2000 cleans-up the alcohol in such a way that it can be re-used. The unit performs that function a daily basis, so there is no need to purchase new cleaning alcohol.

Offsetting the total investment of 200k with the savings of 1000k, results in a turn-around time on investment of less than 3 months! The total savings in the first year of operation will be around EUR 800.000,- or USD 900.000,-. Over a period of 5 years, the total savings will be EUR 4.800.000,- or around USD 5.500.000,-. Over a period of 10 years, the savings will be close to EUR 10.000.000,- or USD 11.500.000,-.

Proof of Concept

We have built the first iStill 2000 Industrial for a North American plant, that belongs to a global manufacturing company. The iStill is currently being built-in into the automated factory of our first industrial customer. It is expected to start operations by the end of this year.

iStill's unique benefits

  1. The business case is to the moon and beyond!
  2. Did we already say that the business case is compelling? Because it truly is a huge money saver.
  3. Given the alcohol recovery, and iStill's efficiency, there are huge environmental impact benefits to be reaped.
  4. iStill can (re)produce the cleaning alcohol at any desired strength, generating flexibility as well as savings.
  5. It does so in an automated plant setting. Staff is not placed at risk. Established SOP's are supported.
  6. iStill Industrial integrates with your plant's software for ease of use, maximum control, and oversight.
  7. iStills come with explosion proof certification, so your safety protocols and policies aren't compromised.
  8. We also support smaller (500 and 1000 liter batch sizes) and bigger operations (5000 liter batch size).

Do you want to start making a difference and save money at your manufacturing plant? Reach out to me directly via to discuss how iStill can be of further assistance to your business.

Cleaning with alcohol is integral to manufacturing ...


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