iStill Disruption: Fire your Recipe Developer!

18 November 2021


Here's the second post in a short series of how iStill, with its amazing technology, is empowering the craft distilling industry. Every post highlights one topic or field that we are disrupting. We'll explain what is different, how the change envisioned is empowering the industry, and what your specific benefits are.

Today? Today we discuss how iStill made it possible for you to fire your recipe developer and - instead - own recipe development yourself. Your recipes are your future money makers. You want them in-house not outsourced!

The old way

Traditionally, a business owner, that wants to start a craft distillery, needs to hire a recipe developer. The recipe developer designs the gin, vodka, rum, or whiskey you want to produce. What herbs will you use? What grains should you purchase? What standard operating procedure do you follow? Where are your cut points? What flavor profile do you aim for? What flavor intensity do you want to achieve?

And, to obtain answers to the questions asked in the above paragraph, how will your mashing and fermenting procedures look like? How do you extract flavors from herbs and berries? What equipment do you need in order to support the processes the recipe developer thinks you need? Will you age your products? If so, how? At what ABV?

The list of questions is almost endless. Distilling has always been considered something almost "magical", with only a merry few being introduced to its secrets. Those are the master distillers and recipe developers we should all be after. That's where the secret knowledge resides, that we want access to!

Of old, recipe development has been expensive and out of the business owner's direct control. Here's how iStill, with it's disruptive approach, empowers you to become the master of your distillery's future ...

The new way

Our founder and CEO Odin designed the Holy Trinity of Distillation. It is a comprehensive model of how flavors are formed, concentrated, and selected in craft distilled products. The impact of understanding this model is so profound, that, the moment you learn how to work with it, you are able to create your own recipes. Better recipes than most other "recipe developers" out there, that pretent to possess "secret" knowledge, can deliver because they base their work on unproven, unscientific anecdotes, rather than the science the iStill University trains you in.

We support our theory of distillation with a set of amazing courses, that transform you into a recipe developer. Why? Craft distilling is all about flavor. Thus, the craft distiller should possess intimate knowledge on how flavors are formed, and how they can be concentrated and highlighted in your drinks. It is what makes you stand out. It is what will make you successful.

We support your training and recipe development with the amazing iStill Mini. It is small enough to help you learn from making a mistake or two. It is controlled to the extend that you can do your recipe development on 'm. Before you scale up to the bigger production iStills.

What future do you choose?

As a craft distillery owner, you want to own your future. Maximizing growth opportunities while at the same time limiting risks, dependencies, and costs are essential in order to achieve the future that you envision.

Traditional ways hook you and set you up for failure. What if the recipe developer leaves? What if you disagree with his approach or the outcomes presented? What if you want to develop your craft distilled spirits in another direction? Who is in charge now? You? Not anymore, it seems.

iStill provides an alternative. Rather than spending 20k on a recipe developer, you can now spend half that amount of money with us. You get proper training. You get the R&D iStill Mini. You'll learn how to make better spirits than the competition. You are back in charge of your distillery and your future. Isn't that the future that empowers you? Isn't that the direction all of us should take?

What future do you choose?


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