iStill Blog Statistics 2020!

05 January 2021

Over the past 7 1/2 years the iStill Blog has become the industry's largest library of modern craft distilling information. Last year, 2020, saw another strong increase in visitors and views. Here are the statistics (with 2019 between brackets):

  • 272 new posts (212);
  • 55.409 visitors (36.331);
  • 118.033 page views (83.426).

We are incredibly proud of the continued success and growth of the iStill Blog. It reaches tremendous amounts of people. Over 150 visitors per day use the iStill Blog to investigate and research and learn.

In 2020, these were the five most popular articles:

  1. Odin improves a poorly designed still!
  2. Odin's opinion (9): legacy still manufacturers BS!
  3. Plated still by iStill!
  4. FTOD 2015: Odin on whiskey column design (1)
  5. Potstill by iStill!

Posts from yesteryear that keep on going strong are:

  1. Homepage/archives;
  2. Odin's easy gin;
  3. About iStill.

Please rest assured that the iStill Blog will remain pivotal in our efforts to further empower the craft distilling industry. Us sharing more and better information translates into you, as a craft distiller, being able to make better choices and better decisions.

If you have have stories to share or topics you want us to investigate, please reach out to our CEO directly, via

Accelerated growth - this is what the diffusion of innovation looks like:


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