iStill 2000 Upgrade!

07 April 2022

We are upgrading the iStill 2000! Both the column and power management will see a significant performance increase.

The iStill 2000's power management is upgraded from 45 kWh to a maximum of 54 kWh. An amazing 20% increase, resulting in faster heat-up and production times. How much faster? Well, up to 20% faster. Relative to the latest 45 kWh version that is. The original i2000 had 36 kWh, by the way. Relative to that one, the power increase is a whopping 50%!

The column height of the iStill 2000 Hybrid will increases with 25 centimeters. We also redesigned the column's internals in order to further optimize the vapor/liquid alcohol/water exchange phase.

Together, these two improvements allow the column to effectively handle the power increase, and translate this energy increase into more output and even better control over product quality. How much the column performance is increased? By no less than 26% ...

As of today, all orders received for the iStill 2000 will be for the new, upgraded, 54 kWh version. Retrofitting existing iStills 2000 to a higher power output is unfortunately not possible.

iStill 2000 ...


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