iStill 1000 Hybrid!

02 March 2022

The iStill 1000 Hybrid is a fully automated 1000 liter / 260 gallon net capacity distillery. The iStill 1000 Hybrid can make every type of spirit: brandy, gin, rum, vodka, whisky, or liqueur. The unit as equipped underneath, with indirect heaters, Jet Propulsions Agitator System (J-PAS), and boiler radiator, can also mash and ferment.

Mashing, fermenting, and distilling any product in one machine. Making craft distilling easier? Betcha! That's what iStill is all about.

This specific unit will be on display and in use during the iStill University Courses in April and June. After those events, it can be yours. A complete, 1000 liter / 260 gallon net capacity distillery for EUR 72.500,-.


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