Innovation: New Manhole!

21 July 2018
What is it? An additional square manhole. As of today an option you can order on your iStill. It sits at the front ... How does it make distilling easier? The additional square manhole allows for very easy boiler access.
Who can/should buy this? This option should especially be considered by Craft Distillers that want to use the iStills for mashing, fermenting and/or on the grain/pulp distilling. Pricing and availability? Available on newly ordered iStills 500, 2000, and 5000. It cannot be retrofitted. This option costs EUR 750,- for the iStill 500, EUR 1.250,- for the iStill 2000, and EUR 1.750,- for the iStill 5000.

New square manhole on the i5000 ...



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