Improve your ... StillControl!

13 August 2020
Innovation for the craft distiller Distilling a great product is all about capturing the right flavors. Running a great distillery is all about obtaining that same high-quality result continuously. StillControl helps you control your cuts and create high-quality spirits. StillControl helps you produce that same high-quality spirits consistently over and over again. What you get
  • StillControl Bluetooth Thermometer Probe
  • StillControl App
Features & Benefits In the StillControl app:
  • You dial in your heads cut
  • You dial in your hearts cut
  • You dial in your tails cut
The StillControl Bluetooth Thermometer Probe:
  • Measures the exact temperature in your riser or column
  • Relays the temperature to the StillControl App on a per second basis
The StillControl App:
  • Automatically adapts your cut-points for air pressure changes
  • And tells you when to cut for heads, hearts, and tails
  • With < 0.1 degree calibrated accuracy
Pricing (App & Probe, shipping included)
  • Existing iStill Customers with manual iStills or iStills Mini: EUR 500,-
  • Early bird introduction offer for existing iStill Customers: EUR 350,-
  • Other distillers: EUR 5.000,- (iStill Mini and iStill Distilling University included)
  • The StillControl app is included and comes free of charge
  • Shipping is included

Improve your ... StillControl!



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