Important End of Year Notifications!

08 December 2020

We are down to only five iStill Minis from the last batch of 100 that we produced. When you want to order and are in a hurry, now is the time, since current stock is almost depleted. If you are late to the party, please know that we'll start producing a new batch of iStill Minis only in January 2021, with delivery not starting before mid-Februari 2021.

Due to us changing and upgrading our manufacturing processes, lead times have been brought down from four to around two months. That's for pretty much all production units, save the iStill 5000, which continues to have a 4 month lead time.

Please be informed, that we'll close shop between December 21st and January 2nd. With the Covid-19 pandemic and many more craft distillers choosing iStill, the team hasn't had much of a summer holiday. Time to catch up and recharge a bit, during the last two weeks of December!

And before we forget, we wish you:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


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