If not our Technology, then at least our Design!

19 May 2022

We are in Italy for the Distillo Expo. An initiative from our CEO Odin, executed to perfection by Claudio and Davide and their team! As we are meeting up with hundreds of existing and future Italian craft distillers, we had an hour (before opening) to check out if the "competition" had anything new to offer.

Outcome of our informal research? Nothing. Still the same old 1870's technology. But wait, there is one exception. Or at least one change! One of the Italian offers decided to change their color scheme. From stainless steel to ... stainless steel painted black. Not exactly iStill, but - at least visually - a step towards the future?

It does remind us of the "downfall" of the wooden shoe in Holland. Everybody walked on white wooden shoes And then leather shoes started to take over. The manufacturers of wooden shoes saw their days were numbered. What they did? They changed the design of the wooden shoe to resemble a leather shoe with straps. A sign on the wall? Check it out for yourselves!



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