How to mash 1000 pounds of grain in the iStill 2000!

05 February 2019
Hi Odin,

Received and installed the indirect heaters, thanks. They’re a huge improvement. I know you’ve started selling the iStill Masher, but we’ve had pretty good success with our iStill 2000 and our “iHopper”. I’ve attached a video.

With this system, we have a hopper, a pneumatic vibrator on the frame for grain flow and a small grist hydrator at the bottom of the hopper as the grain goes in. We can get 1,000 pounds of grain in our 2000 with this system in under 30 minutes with little to no clumping. (We put the mirror on the ceiling to monitor the grain as it goes in). Just thought I would pass this along for anyone struggling with getting 1000+ pounds into their iStill.

Markus Kypreos, Blackland Distillery, Fort Worth, TX [wpvideo Wc3PfJo2]


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