Guerrilla Solution to High Energy Prices!

10 November 2022

Here's Jon. In true British style he found a way to deal with the high energy prices Europe is currently facing. What he does? He has an iStillery and re-uses the energy from his cooling water to heat-up his bar and restaurant (120 seats).

Please meet Jon ...

And his warm bar and restaurant ...


"Really really proud of myself today. They said it can’t be done or not worth doing. Today my prototype is blowing hot air in the restaurant all from waste energy from our bigger still “Becket”. Whilst distilling #Canterbury #Gin . I reckon it will run two more 1/2 meter fans."


"Jon, can you explain what you did here?"


"Still a work in progress but basically connected the hot water out hose from the condenser and attached to a large coil fan heater. So warm water goes in the coil and the fan blows the heat into restaurant. I ran the top temp probe at about 35C . Because we start distilling at 7 and the restaurant opens at 12, we are nice and warm. The coil heater take 120C so looking at pumping the waste wash through as well. Using brewery hoses and pump."


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