Finalizing the iStill Essential Design!

27 October 2022

The iStills Essential are amazing stills. Versatile: you can make any spirit in one and the same machine. Manual: but supported by an app that helps with cuts management and product reproducibility. Indestructible: they come with a 10 year warranty. Affordable: the model displayed underneath is yours for 35k. Available: three months lead time!

To underscore that the Essential is different from the NextGens we have been producing so far, we have made some design changes for the "Essential"-series. We found inspiration in the iStills Mini, which basically is the quintessential original "Essential"-model. And there are already 400 of 'm out there. All over the globe.

Here are renderings of the final design. If you want to order from the last batches we'll still produce in 2022, please reach out to

The iStill 500 Hybrid Essential ...

On another note ...

On another note: do you want to become a master distiller and win medals with your spirits? Do you want to train yourself on the Essential and NextGen iStills? We organize another Master Distillers Training at the iStill University. When? Starts November 14th. More info? Please reach out to


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