Craft Distillers React to "Odin Deflates"!

08 November 2022


A few weeks ago, I wrote an analysis about what's wrong in our industry and how the London Craft Distilling Expo is dying. Since then, I have received over a dozen emails, letters, and messages, from distillers around the world, congratulating me with the analysis, and applauding my iStill Blog post on this matter. Many distillers, as it turns out, have been harmed by the very consultants I speak about.

Thank you all for your feedback and support! It is important for me to know I am not fighting the fight alone, and that the efforts we make and the industry directions that we support, are sincerely appreciated by those who should be at the center: the craft distillers.

Underneath, I have collected three examples that sorta summarize the overall nature of the messages you have been sending me. I think it is important to share, as it will create more awareness for the shenanigans that our industry is plagued by.

Oh, and here's the original article:

Feedback 1

Excellent analysis and thank you for swimming against the current! Today’s craft distilling industry is not the same as 14 years ago when I started out. Our industry today consists of makers and fakers, so if someone has not put in the time, motivation, money, and energy to become a maker, chances are that they are faking it. Success is not handed - it is gained.


Feedback 2

Hi Odin,

I read with the utmost understanding your recent “Odin Deflates” blog. There wasn't a single paragraph where I said to myself “I don't Agree with that”.

An absolutely brilliant, truthful summary of what I have been saying for too long and the only time I ever learnt anything useful was at iStill and from your exceptional team. For example, I paid consultants for label designs and they were crap, rehash of other work that they had done for previous gullible clients. Eventually, I designed my own out of frustration.

The one area where we have struggled is with the financing of growth and we realise that we should have borrowed first off to buy iStill. But life shouldn’t be about regrets should it, but a series of learned events.

All the best

Kindest regards,


Feedback 3

Hi Odin, you are running an innovative company, with an own environment. An iStill environment. In the end things will probably end like this. First, they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they hate you and fight you. And then you win.

The period of ignorance is clearly over. Others have to move now, but innovation is an iStill monopoly at this period of time. So keep going!

Regards, Derek.

Since most consultants aim to thrive on you, your business does not thrive on consultants ...


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