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09 October 2019
Introduction Because the iStill University Complete and Certified Distilling Training we organize in Denver from October 21st to 24th sold out in just a few weeks, we planned a new one from October 28th - 31st. If you want to participate, please know we have (at this moment) about 10 more tickets available. For more information, reach out to Jason@iStillmail.com. For registration, contact Veronika@iStillmail.com. Where? This iStill University Training takes place at the award winning 52Eighty Distillery in Denver, Co. You will be trained in an actual distillery that makes its own whisky, vodka, gin and brandy. We reserved a number of rooms in a hotel nearby. Veronika and Jason know more.

The training takes place at the award winning 52Eighty Distillery ...


What? The training is a combination of theory and practice. It is very hands-on and aims to make you a better distiller. You will teach how to mash, ferment, and distill. We'll educate you in still design and distillery set-up. You will see how the owners and master distillers at 52Eighty Distillery make their spirits. You will be making brandy, whiskey, gin and liqueur on the smaller recipe development stills we have available. We'll teach you how to evaluate spirits, how to find mistakes, and how to improve them. Odin of iStill will be there to inform you about his industry-changing theories of distillation. And he'll do so in such a way that you can apply them, in the pursuit of making the best drinks possible.

Practicing distilling and having fun at it ...

[gallery ids="13524,13501,13304" type="rectangular" orderby="rand"] Why? The iStill University Complete and Certified Training is considered the best education on offer in the industry. Participants rate the 4-day training at an amazing 9.7 out of 10. The iStill University trains over 200 students per year at dedicated distilleries in Australia, Europe, and the USA. As a student at the iStill University, you become a member of the iStill University Facebook Group. A worldwide network of distillers that help each other out and provides much needed support in day-to-day craft distillery operations. For more student feedback, please see: https://istillblog.com/2019/06/10/tom-grzelinsky/ For more information, also check out: https://www.istilluniversity.com/

Make your own spirits on the iStill Mini ...


See you soon in Denver!


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