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01 January 2019
Introduction: start the new year with a gin & tonic! Here's the third iStill Blog post in a series of four, where we dive into how our equipment helps you out starting your distillery. Today's topic? Gin distilling. What equipment do you need to make gin and how does investing in an iStill translate to production numbers? Yes, we are primarily focussing on iStill equipment. Not on pumps, labelers and bottle-filling machines. iStill 500 Basically all you need to start producing gin is an iStill 500. You buy in grain neutral spirit (GNS), fill the boiler with 150 liters of it, add 300 liters of water, and add the herbs. The iStill 500 allows you to boiler infuse or vapor infuse, or any combination of both. It performs your gin runs, and if there are heads and tails left, you can use the vodka programs to clean those up into re-usable GNS. The base model will do the job. We'd advice you add Dynamic Cuts Management for even more control over cuts. Total investment? EUR 27.000,-. Or EUR 574,- (est.) per month for 5 years if you want to go for the rent-to-own programs we support in the US and UK.

iStill 500 ...


Production numbers With the iStill 500, you can basically do one gin run per day. The run will take 8 to 9 hours and yields up to 400 bottles. If you want to run your iStill 500 for 5 days per week, you can easily produce 2,000 bottles in that time frame. On a 50 week per year production roster, an iStill 500 based gin distillery can make up to 100,000 bottles per year! Pretty impressive, isn't it? Energy input costs? A ground breaking 0,5 kWh per bottle. Design your own iStill Distillery online! Do you want to design your own distillery? Gin or otherwise? Please check out:


The iStill 500 is your perfect gin distillery ...




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