Copper iStill Plated Stills!

11 February 2021

Proudly introducing ...

With copper particle contamination solved, we are now proudly introducing a line of automated copper plated stills. About 30% of craft distillers now buys stainless steel stills. Stainless steel iStills, mostly. That means 70% of the craft distillers does not have access to our innovations. As a market leader devoted to empowering the whole craft distilling industry, well, here's us introducing copper iStill plated stills to empower those that must (due to legislation) or want (due to previous investments) to keep on working with copper.

The iStill 2000 Copper Plated Still:

Features and benefits ...

  • 4x the performance due to innovative PowerPlate technology;
  • Anti Entrainment Column Design;
  • Copper plated column for stable vapor speeds and control over associated flavor profiles;
  • Extensive use of borosilicate glass for an amazing customer experience;
  • Square copper boiler for perfect mixing, on or off the grain distilling, and higher filling levels;
  • Wide boiler design for stable gas release, stable vapor speeds, and consistent flavor-composition;
  • Integrated heating, so no need for additional steam boilers or piping;
  • Direct or indirect heating for fine power control;
  • Up to 25% more flavor due to the Maillard Reaction;
  • Boiler insulation for a more efficient and speedier distillation;
  • Cuts selector for automated heads, hearts, and tails cuts;
  • Automated cuts for improved distillation run reproducibility;
  • Air pressure sensor for automatically adapted, weather independent cuts and flavor consistency;
  • Automation and digital controls for a less staff dependent distillery and more accurate production;
  • Internet connectivity for support, remote control, and more;
  • Automated as well as manual programs for whisky, rum, and brandy runs;
  • iStill's Copper Particle Filter for a clean and healthy new make spirit;
  • All the copper you'll ever need for sulfur control!

Sizes and starting prices ...

  • iStill 100 Copper Plated Still: EUR 30.000,-;
  • iStill 200 Copper Plated Still: EUR 45.000,-
  • iStill 500 Copper Plated Still: EUR 65.000,-;
  • iStill 1000 Copper Plated Still: EUR 90.000,-;
  • iStill 2000 Copper Plated Still: EUR 120.000,-;
  • iStill 5000 Copper Plated Still: EUR 190.000,-.

The iStill Copper Particle Filter costs EUR 5.000,-.

Availability and ordering process

Due to huge demand for our stainless steel units, we'll only be able to build limited numbers of the iStill Copper Plated Stills. The year 2021 will see us construct one iStill 100, one 200, one 500, one 1000, one 2000, and one 5000 liter copper plated still.

We started production as we speak. First deliveries are expected to take place in November 2021. If you are interested in the world's most advanced copper plated still, please reach out to our Management Assistant Esther Burns via for an introductory meeting and interview via video call.

Welcome to the family:


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