Purchase Our Single Malt Whisky!

09 November 2020

We are bottling a batch of single malt whisky that we mashed, fermented, and distilled in an iStill, a little over three years ago.

We plan to sell these bottles to leads or customers that contemplate whisky making with the iStill. Each and every bottle proves how our amazing technology creates better flavors, and how iStill produced spirits empowers the craft distilling industry. Do we need that confirmation? No. Do you need that confirmation? Probably not. But in an industry where partners and financiers - not understanding distilling on a first-principles level, like we do - want some additional "proof" this goes a long, long way!

For that purpose we currently have 50 bottles of single malt whisky (47%) available. We are working on a link, so you can order online. Please give us a few days to set that up!



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