Blue Rabbit Distillery, Tokyo

14 February 2021

Hi Odin,

My iStill 100 has finally arrived in Japan and I was, after a somewhat lengthy process, able to do my own customs clearance and take delivery of this beautiful piece of distilling engineering!

If you recall, I first made contact with you back in June 2020. I was looking seriously at several still manufacturers/suppliers prior to communicating with you at that time but I was taken by your honest and straightforward communication style and was drawn by the unique design and functionality of your iStills. I didn’t know a whole lot about distilling back then if I am honest but after taking your lectures (more than a couple of times) through the iStill University course, it was clear to me that I couldn’t have made a better choice of company for my distilling operations. Your knowledge and wisdom has Been so inspiring to me and your philosophies on how we craft distillers can win over big alcohol through understanding of flavour extraction and profiling just made so much sense.

Before my initial contact with you, I had already committed to the globally-recognised IBD distillation course (which I have just passed with credit) but your lectures clarified much of the theory I was learning in a simple and easy to understand approach (with some interesting drawings!) that just makes so much sense. In retrospect, I could have chosen a copper/stainless steel still from anywhere else in the world that could have been delivered to me soon afterwards but I decided to choose iStill. I soon learnt an additional bonus of choosing iStill would be gaining access to the Facebook iStill group has proven an invaluable tool for me. I have already learnt so much from other iStillers around the world.

Now I know I have taken receipt of something much more than just a still for making my gin, my vodka, my brandy and my rum. My iStill 100 and my iStill mini will become great talking points in the promotion of my brand “Blue Rabbit Distillery”. I understand now why you are fast increasing your market share of the global craft distilling market and I hope your will continue to stir up the well-engrained traditions of the distilling industry with your innovations and technology.

Let me just add, that many businesses have good quality or value for money products but sadly do not pay enough respect to the whole customer experience. Your whole team, from finance through to support and shipping, has communicated promptly, courteously and efficiently. That is what adds great value to iStill. I am so looking forward to making some great craft spirits on my iStill and for your continued support as my business grows.

In the meantime, please wish me good luck in obtaining my alcohol distillation licence from the Japanese government. That’ll be the second most amazing thing for me to get!

All the Best,

Mark Smyth, Tokyo


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